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Wednesday the 13th: Part 1

Oh! It's Rogue Falta!
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NSFW Pin-Ups of every single named character from Jason's very first film in 1979. Why? Why not! 

Includes plenty of naughty variants starring:

  • Part 1 Jason
  • Jack
  • Ned
  • Bill
  • Mr. Christy
  • Crazy Ralph
  • That one trucker
  • That one police officer
  • That other police officer!

This is a parody protected under fair use.

All characters and related materials are registered trademarks, copyrights, and/or trademarks of their respective license holders This parody is not sponsored, endorsed by nor affiliated with Victor Miller, Horror Inc, Sean Cunningham, their partners, affiliates licensees, and/or parent companies, or any other company owning trademarks of the characters therein.,  

The content contained within is meant for entertainment purposes only, and should not be seen as a model for real-life sexual encounters. We recommend honest, clear and ongoing communication with your partner(s) before any sexual encounter. All characters portrayed are depicted as consenting adults. 

Please have fun, respect each other, and practice safer sex.

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Wednesday the 13th: Part 1

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